Rick Richardson from Derry, NH


Aside from watch TCM, what do you do?

I'm a communications and public relations consultant for a lobbying firm in Boston, Massachusetts. It involves an immense amount of airline travel, which I adore, as well as lots of interaction with people all over the United States. I also compete in Hunter/Jumper horse shows in the spring and summer. I enjoy reading, exercising daily, and am an avid Revolutionary War history buff. I like cooking dinners and pairing them with a great TCM wine. The Francis Coppola is my favorite!


What’s your favorite movie snack?

Cheddar cheese, pepperoni, and crackers!


What’s your favorite part of TCM?

I love the plethora of classic film offerings, especially when a special theme or spotlight is involved. My favorite theme would have to be Humphrey Bogart. I also look forward to the Halloween genre each year. The Dracula spotlight this year has been outstanding! Of course, none of this would be complete without the incredible hosting ability of Ben Mankiewicz. He has a knack for making any movie that much more interesting via the little details he provides before and after each showing.


What’s your favorite movie genre?

Definitely horror, with an emphasis on Universal Studios. I can always count on TCM showing my favorites, Lon Chaney Jr. and Boris Karloff. "Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf, when the wolf bane blooms and the autumn moon is bright."


Who’s your favorite actor or actress or filmmaker of all time? And why?

My favorite actor of all time has to be Humphrey Bogart. Never deterred or distracted unless by a beautiful leading lady, he purposefully progresses through each plot with a style and candor as only Bogey can. Be it a Marlowe mystery, chasing down a black bird, weathering a hurricane, or running a saloon in North Africa, no one did it like Bogart. No one.

My favorite actress of all time is Olivia de Havilland. When she appeared on screen in traditional 19th Century period wear in They Died with Their Boots On I was forever smitten. Her smile, style, and grace are certainly long lasting beyond her career. No one and I mean no one could wear a hat like Olivia!

My favorite filmmaker of all time is Alfred Hitchcock. His attention to detail, plots, and twists has yet to be surpassed by another filmmaker of our time. I grew up on the seacoast and was deathly afraid of seagulls as a small child due to my viewing The Birds at a young age. As an adult and thanks to TCM and Hitchcock, I gained a sincere appreciation for the acting abilities of Tippi Hedren and James Stewart.


Who would you be thrilled to meet, and what would you say?

Although no longer with us, I would have been thrilled to meet Errol Flynn. I would only have one question for him: Why did you not chase and marry Olivia de Havilland? How could any sane man resist her style and charm?


What do you collect?

I collect Revolutionary War antiques and restore them. I also collect all of the old horror films on DVD and videotape from 1931 to 1985.


If you had to pick just one, what would be your favorite movie?

Key Largo, as Bogart and Robinson were simply naturals to play opposite one another! I actually watched this film while living in the Keys during Hurricane David in 1979. Fortunately the storm passed us by, but I never would have known as I was so engrossed in the plot.

Deputy Sawyer - "Something hit me and the lights went out."

Toots - "I'm the electrician."


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