Robin Salaman from Philadelphia, PA


Aside from watch TCM, what do you do?

I do NY Times crosswords; I go to orchestra concerts; I do yoga; I go out to dinner with friends; I see movies (in the theater).


What’s your favorite movie snack?

Ice cream -- very cold and hard! :)


What’s your favorite part of TCM?

Ben and his introductions -- and what he tells us/teaches us about the film, production, actors, etc. I love his dry humor!


What’s your favorite movie genre?

Dramas of the 1930s and 1940s. And Hitchcock (of course).


Who’s your favorite actor or actress or filmmaker of all time? And why?

Lately, I've been torn between Ingrid Bergman and Jean Simmons: I find the immediacy of their emotions so incredibly affecting. Everything is right there, on the surface and so vividly felt that they raise the quality of whatever film they're in -- and Jean was certainly in more mediocre films than Ingrid. I find that I will watch anything that either of them is in, over and over again. (Director? Billy Wilder!)


Who would you be thrilled to meet, and what would you say?

I met Ginger Rogers when I was 16, and couldn't say a word -- and I would hate to behave like that again at my age. I think I could (probably) handle meeting the Great Ben and asking him about his love of old movies, and when that began for him.


What do you collect?

I used to collect old sheet music from the 20's, 30s & 40s, but I don't collect anything anymore. I do still have a rare original copy of "White Christmas" that includes the rarely-sung opening verse (i.e., 'The sun is shining, the grass is green...'). Collecting is expensive and takes up too much room!


If you had to pick just one, what would be your favorite movie?

Oh Lord, what a question!!! I have a different answer to that for every day of the week! Today, I'll say that, except for one single moment when the camera goes to a long shot a few seconds too soon (you know when I mean), To Kill a Mockingbird is a perfect movie. Everyone says that, but they're right. The casting, the script, the music, the direction, the look, the feel, the pacing, the smallest detail -- it is perfection. So today, Friday, that is my favorite movie.


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