Nathan Conner from Duncansville, PA


Aside from watch TCM, what do you do?

I work as a Teacher's Assistant at a preschool. I'm fortunate to have summers off which gives me the opportunity to travel. Plane, train, and automobile, I've done it all!


What’s your favorite movie snack?

I like a nice box of Milk Duds at a theater. For home viewing, nothing is better than some hot chocolate in the winter or ice cream in the summer.


What’s your favorite part of TCM?

I love the 31 Days of Oscar. It's my favorite part of February and it makes snow days even more enjoyable. I also appreciate that the films shown not only recognize the talent of the stars but also those who worked behind the scenes on the production end.


What’s your favorite movie genre?

I love precode films from the early 1930s. Jean Harlow, Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford, etc. -- they all made a splash during this period. The way these movies were made was truly an art form. That implications that were made with just the fading out of a shot are remarkable.


Who’s your favorite actor or actress or filmmaker of all time? And why?

My favorite actor is James Stewart. Not only was he immensely talented, but he also grew up in a small western Pennsylvania town about an hour away from me. No matter how great his success in Hollywood, he still seemed like a small town guy at heart.

I can't ignore my favorite actress either, Lucille Ball. I admire her determination and work ethic. She started out as an extra and 30 years later was running a television studio while starring in her own series AND making the occasional movie. What a talent.


Who would you be thrilled to meet, and what would you say?

I'd have to say it would have to be Jimmy and Lucy. Both of their hometowns are within driving distance to me and they also feature excellent museums. Needless to say, I have been to the Jimmy Stewart Museum and Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center quite a few times and I feel like I have met them in a way. Walking the streets that they walked, seeing the houses they grew up in, I feel a special connection with them.


What do you collect?

Lucille Ball memorabilia. Big surprise, I know. TV Guides, lobby cards, scripts, photos. I've been to countless antique shops and rooted through many a box filled with dusty old magazines. It doesn't get better than that.


If you had to pick just one, what would be your favorite movie?

Some Like it Hot. Simply put, the cast, writing, and direction is perfect.


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Clark Bedenbaugh's picture

Lucille Ball is one of my favorites too, I especially enjoy her pre-1951 films, before "I Love Lucy" began. I'd also like to add another reason to love Lucy. Lucille Ball is somewhat responsible for TCM being the great channel it is, she had advised Robert Osborne back in the early 1960s to give up acting and become a journalist and author, and three decades later he launches TCM, and became the heart of TCM. Thank you, Lucy.