Amanda Pattyson from Joplin, MO


Aside from watch TCM, what do you do?

My favorite "hobby" is karaoke. I love all types of music; any given night I might sing Etta James, Dylan and Joan Jett. I also enjoy writing, photography and the theater.


What’s your favorite movie snack?

I'm a very simple, classic girl... what is more simple and classic than warm buttery popcorn? Mmm, extra butter? Yes, please!


What’s your favorite part of TCM?

There is always something new-to-me on TCM. I remember growing up they showed classic films after SNL on a local channel. I always turned the TV off about that time, but one night I didn't. Instead, that night, I was swept away to a simpler time. I escaped to a place where I felt as though I belonged. The movie was The Little Princess and that's where it all started. I felt those great emotions rush back when I discovered TCM. You have the ability to capture my heart with each feature I watch. My best friend and I still have TCM weekend binges and create our own memories of classic film viewing.


What’s your favorite movie genre?

This is so hard. I love a great comedy, but TCM Underground is so fascinating. I can't get enough of these informative classics. The over-the-top acting and fear tactics of these gems really satisfies my statistical sweet tooth.


Who’s your favorite actor or actress or filmmaker of all time? And why?

I don't know if I have an absolute favorite. I mean we are talking about 60+ years of what I consider classic cinema. I would love nothing more than to name some obscure, never-before-mentioned filmmaker here, however, I have to say Hitchcock. As a kid, I never missed a showing of Alfred Hitchcock Presents on Nick At Nite. I had yet to discover the brilliance of his full length films. When I saw Rear Window, still one of my top 10, it was then that I knew that our twisted minds collided to form a perfect union.


Who would you be thrilled to meet, and what would you say?

I would have loved to have met Ginger Rogers. She proved that beautiful women could have a sense of humor, class and steal the stage from the likes of Fred Astaire. She always carried herself as a strong, independent woman and I have always admired her. I would have loved the opportunity to ask how she danced, so gracefully, in those heels!


What do you collect?

Vintage kitchenware. I'm obsessed. I need a clinic. No really.


If you had to pick just one, what would be your favorite movie?

This is the easiest question for me to answer. I am going to contradict my favorite filmmaker here, but the one movie I can't live without is Bachelor Mother. Ginger Rogers is hilarious. David Niven is the playboy you wish you could hate and can't help but love. There are so many mishaps and playful scenes; it's hard to resist. It is a must see rom-com!


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