Sara Geiss Tomase from Mansfield, MA

@SaraE225 on Twitter

When you’re not watching TCM, what do you do?

I am currently a stay-at-home mom to 3 kids (8, 5 and 3). TCM is my escape from the craziness of that and also my opportunity to introduce them to these classic films. Additionally, I have been slowly trying to get a classic movie blog up and running. Stay tuned!

What’s your favorite movie snack?

A true classic - popcorn! Preferably with Pink Lemonade or red wine.

What’s your favorite part of TCM?

Where do I start? First of all, I love old films. My mother introduced me to them and I can remember watching "Singin' in the Rain" for the first, second, zillionth time while I was stuck home with the chicken pox in 2nd grade. My mom was a TCM superfan from its inception. She passed away in 2012 and, although I watched prior to this, TCM has almost been like a comforting friend to me since then. I reminisce with movies we watched together and wonder what her thoughts were on movies that are new to me but that I know she'd seen before. When she didn't have much time left, I brought her to the TCM-sponsored "West Side Story" in theaters in November, 2011. She had hardly any short-term memory but could recite every line of the movie. She even got up and danced along in unison with the Jets and Sharks -- a moment I will never forget and am so very grateful to TCM for. She loved "The Apartment" and "The Women" -- both of which I did not see until after she was gone and have since seen both several times (and love!). I would love to chat with her about those films...which brings me to the other thing I love about TCM --

I love a good #TCMParty on Twitter! It is such a wonderful experience to participate in the #TCMParty hashtag during a film. It is comprised of a lovely community of classic movie fans (from novices to experts) who chat or comment or provide bits of info on a film or its actors. I learn and I laugh -- what's better than that? 

Lastly, to continue on the sense of community, it is my number one bucket list item to attend the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival. I can't think of another network that does anything close to this. Social media has made this event so much more accessible to those that cannot go...but I really do hope to get there in person in the coming years!

What’s your favorite movie genre?

Although I love many genres of film, I have to say my favorite always was and still is musicals. And there is quite a variety when it comes to this genre when you think about films like "42nd Street," "The Sound of Music," or "West Side Story." I particularly love a good dance number and admire Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse, Fred Astaire, Bob Fosse, Ann Miller, Vera-Ellen...

Who’s your favorite actor or actress or filmmaker of all time?  And why?

This is hard to answer...I love Gene Kelly for his dance innovation and Audrey Hepburn for her acting skill and charm. Alfred Hitchcock was a master of directing suspense, Busby Berkeley changed the way dance was choreographed and filmed. Meryl Streep, Bette Davis and Gregory Peck all come to I have to pick just one?

Who would you be thrilled to meet, and what would you say?

Robert Osborne and Doris Day. I have no idea what I would say because I'm not sure I'd get past "hello" and sound coherent. I adore and respect them both immensely.

What do you collect?

Ticket stubs to movies, Broadway shows and concerts.

If you had to pick just one, what would be your favorite movie?

A tough one but I'd have to go with "Singin' in the Rain" because it was my initial introduction to classic films.


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